Stadia’s greatest (planned) exclusive won’t be elite any longer

Stadia’s greatest (planned) exclusive won’t be elite any longer

Crayta’s planned Stadia exclusivity is reaching a conclusion soon, with engineer Unit 2 Games affirming that the title will advance toward PC “very soon.” Originally declared as a “First on Stadia” timed exclusive, Crayta’s jump to different platforms was in every case more an issue of “when” as opposed to “if,” however the declaration denotes the first official sign of the regular PC port.

The organization guarantees that it’ll have more data (including a launch date and the digital storefront where Crayta will be offered) in the coming weeks, yet it guarantees that it’s “still every bit as committed to Stadia as we’ve always been.” The new PC version will likewise offer full crossplay with the Stadia version of Crayta.

A Minecraft-style game creation game that is based on Unreal Engine, Crayta’s standout feature (beside the uncommon status of a Stadia-exclusive title) was as one of the first games to embrace Stadia’s State Share technology, which (in theory) guaranteed that any Stadia player could join a Crayta world just by tapping on a link. It’s a feature that will probably remain exclusive to the Stadia version of the game even after the PC port launches, given its dependence on Google’s streaming tech to pull off.

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