Startup Grind Santiago encourages creativity by hosting an AI event

Startup Grind Santiago encourages creativity by hosting an AI event

Startup Grind Santiago is preparing to open its doors to the “#AISummerParty: the Future of Artificial Intelligence” event. AI is a pervasive presence in modern life, transforming the way we work, learn, and communicate. This meeting is slated for Thursday, December 14, 2023, and looks to be a great combination of socializing, networking, and, most importantly, in-depth education about the most recent developments and successes in artificial intelligence.

The WeWork Apoquindo in Las Condes, the Chilean capital, is the location of the event. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. (local time), participants will have the opportunity to explore the realm of artificial intelligence under the guidance of two notable personalities in the industry: Maria Les Spalthoff, Business Development Manager at AWS, and Daniel Atik, current CPO of CodeGPT, co-founder of “El Club de la IA,” and author of “La IA.”

Daniel Atik, renowned for playing a pivotal role in the revolution artificial intelligence has brought about in our lives, will offer his insightful assessment of the potential and implications of this cutting-edge technology. With his background and expertise, he will offer a special viewpoint on how AI expands the realm of what is conceivable.

However, the moderator of the event, Maria Les Spalthoff, will share her knowledge of AWS technology and business development. She will guide participants on a journey that covers everything from the principles and workings of AI to the extraordinary opportunities it presents across a range of industries, all while working alongside Daniel. Furthermore, they will discuss the moral conundrums and difficulties that this technology raises, a crucial subject in the current digital era.

In addition, the #AISummerParty offers a chance to network with experts, enthusiasts, and visionaries guiding the future of AI technology as well as learn about the most recent advancements in the field. Everyone with an interest in AI, from novices to specialists, should take advantage of this special chance to connect, exchange ideas, and consider working together.

As part of an inclusive approach aimed at enabling people from diverse backgrounds and experience levels to participate and benefit from the discussions and networking opportunities that will arise, admission to the event is completely free.

Artificial Intelligence Utilization in Latin America

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to progress and redefine industries and social life worldwide, there has been a shift in the public’s understanding of both the benefits and drawbacks of AI. Given this context, and given their inclination toward digitalization, Latin Americans are likely to embrace AI-driven goods and services.

In different Latin American markets, artificial intelligence (AI) is accepted differently, according to a study done by the market research and consulting firm Ipsos. 70% of participants in Peru, the country with the highest approval rate, believe that this technology has more advantages than disadvantages. They are followed favorably by Mexico (65%), Colombia (64%) and Chile (63%), showing favorable attitudes toward AI.

Conversely, there is less receptivity in Brazil and Argentina, where less than half of the population believes that AI will have a positive impact. The region’s lowest levels of support for AI adoption are found in these countries.