Startup Has Unveiled A New AI-powered Platform For Driverless Vehicles

Startup Has Unveiled A New AI-powered Platform For Driverless Vehicles

Ottopia, a Tel Aviv-based business that develops technology for autonomous vehicles, has announced a new, first-of-its-kind AI-powered remote driving platform.

The new platform incorporates existing car components such as cameras and modems into its system, leveraging AI to deliver real-time information about a vehicle’s near surroundings.

It has also been intended to work seamlessly with practically every computing platform used by autonomous vehicle and component manufacturers.

The platform also serves as a control center for remote driving, providing services and assistance with successful administration. It provides safety and security features and enables for the simple integration of third-party systems.

According to Ottopia, the new platform was evaluated in more than 20 cities over a six-year period before being introduced into vehicle production processes.

Ottopia’s unique software is already in use in automobiles, buses, and trucks, with clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Hyundai, and Nvidia.

“Our mission is to change the way people and goods move,” stated Ottopia CTO Alex Kirshon.

“Our first product is for enabling humans in a remote command & control center to act as your on-demand private driver for things like finding a parking spot, recharging and refueling, periodic check-ups and repairs, running errands, family drop-offs and pickups, and even driving you when you’re too tired or stressed to drive yourself.”