Startups of Electric Vehicles Report Mixed Q4 Financial Performance

Startups of Electric Vehicles Report Mixed Q4 Financial Performance

This week, Lucid, Rivian, and VinFast, three electric vehicle companies, released their fourth-quarter financial results against a backdrop of declining predictions for the battery-powered auto market due to lower-than-expected sales and waning consumer enthusiasm.

Revenues for Lucid’s quarter ended on Wednesday were $157.15 million, a decrease of around $100 million from 2022. The company’s losses increased as a result of the cut, reaching $654 million for the quarter and $2.8 billion for the entire year 2023—38% and 116% higher than the same period the previous year, respectively. Nonetheless, the company’s yearly sales of electric vehicles increased significantly to 6,001, up 37% from 2022.

Rivian, which debuted its initial product the same year as Lucid in 2021, quickly surpassed its rival in terms of sales and, despite having a lower financial performance overall, showed appreciable increases in cost-efficiency from year to year. The business’s revenue for the quarter was $1.3 billion, almost twice as much as it brought in during Q4 2022. Although annual losses increased by over $200 million to reach $5.4 billion, the company’s loss for the period decreased by almost 7% to $1.58 billion. In 2023, Rivian sold 50,122 units, a 206% increase.

VinFast, a Vietnamese electric vehicle brand, saw the least amount of losses relative to its rivals; but, compared to Lucid or Rivian, its financial performance was more inconsistent year over year. Revenue for the corporation in Q4 2022 was $437 million, a 133% increase over the same period in the previous year. For the quarter, its net losses increased by 1.3% to $650 million, and for the entire year, they increased by 14.7% to $2.39 billion. VinFast sold 34,855 units worldwide in 2023. VinFast also entered its home market in 2021, although it didn’t start shipping its goods in the United States until 2023.

The current status of the electric vehicle market is reflected in all three publications. Sales are undoubtedly up and will stay that way for the foreseeable future, but both new and established manufacturers will still need to wait for profitability. It will be hard for businesses without sales of gas-powered cars to rely on in the upcoming years. However, once they are put into practice, advancements in infrastructure, product quality, cost, and driving ranges could all quickly increase demand; the sooner these goals are met, the sooner companies like VinFast, Rivian, and Lucid will be able to see positive financial outcomes.