In a game streaming community, winning and winning at all costs is fast becoming the norm, where the fun has slowly been eroded, happiness is a required element. NOHITJEROME, a 26-year old streamer from Columbus Ohio, is determined to bring the light of happiness back in the game streaming world.

What had started as a way to connect with friends quickly morphed into a large viewership for Jerome. Jerome Gillian had only seven viewers in his first stream, but he didn’t allow the low viewership to bother him. He was into the streaming of his game for the fun of it.

His no-hit games gained traction so fast that Jerome had attracted thousands of viewers within one year of streaming and some of the heavyweights on the game streaming community.

What makes Jerome stand out from the rest of the game streaming pack is his infectious personality. He shares his life with his viewers, no holds back.

Jerome always stays on the top of his happiness cloud, from yoga to peeping to dancing to having his mother on some streaming episodes.

“I won’t always spread positive energy wherever I am, whether online or offline,” Jerome says.

Jerome has hosted several competitions in the past, attracting some of the finest players in the different games. DARK SOULS 3 ANY%! was the first game competition he hosted, and it was a success. After that, he organized other gaming competitions with games such as Ds3 all Boss, Trilogy, BloodBorne All Boss, DS3 AllBoss + DLC, and WoW classic 24-hour race.  

These competitions, as much as they generate high viewership numbers, Jerome also sees them as a way to build a happy community of game streamers.

Jerome enjoys what he does, and he wants other game streamers to enjoy it with him. He always ensures his energy is high; his mood is light and free. He says he doesn’t want to live a fake life in front of the camera.

“Of course, there are times I feel like I am an entertainer as much as I am a gamer. Still, I don’t want to live a life when I am in front of the camera that isn’t a reflection of my life when the camera isn’t there.”

Besides spreading his infectious doses of happiness, Jerome has found ways to break the mold in his game streaming. He started multiboxing in his live streams, a trick many gamers are torn on whether it was good or not.

When Jerome started multiboxing, playing with several characters simultaneously, either on one (or more than one) computer. With Multiboxing, one player is controlling more than one character. This move divided the gaming community into two halves. One side of the divide doesn’t agree with its ethics, while the other divide sees no problem with it.

Jerome has been able to so far harness the gains of Multiboxing and also get some other gamers to do the same.

Happiness, they say, is contagious, and Jerome is infecting the game streaming community with his Happiness Virus.To follow Jerome Gillian’s journey and get first-hand info, click his covers on YouTube, Twitter, Website, and Twitch today!