Stefan Thurairatnam chased his dreams and led his passion to his success

Stefan Thurairatnam took a leap of faith into the content creation and maketing industry only three years ago, so far he has already managed to generate a reputation for himself and his large marketing company company. From a very young age the Sri Lankan, Toronto raised, content creator has enjoyed photography. Stefan would travel the world with his friends and family while always capturing the moment. Photography and travel were such a prominent passion of his that he took the next step and began his journey into the world of content creation. Stefan spent five years working at the largest financial institution in Canada when he has a life changing experience. This experience affected him in a major way and caused him to take time and reflect on his entire life and his future. He ended up realizing that he was not happy with where he was or where he was going, so he decided it was time for a change.

After realizing that he was given a second chance at life he earned himself a role as an ambassador for Luxury World Traveler from Gil Antolin, which is when he decided to quit his 9-5 job and board a one way plane to wherever his finger landed on a globe. The mentorship that Gill, the founder of Luxury World Traveler, gave to Stefan provided him with the resources that made him the person he is today. Soon after he gained traction as a content creator he used his silla in marketing and started his own marketing and social media consulting company, LuxVision Media Group. He was able to combine all of his passions into a stable and lucrative lifestyle.

His passions may have led him to success, but he still went through countless struggles along the way. He had to overcome his fears and take a chance on himself and his dreams, it is a daunting thing to do. He advises anyone who wants to follow their dreams to just go for it and don’t let the struggles along the way deter you from the end goal. Despite enjoying what he does, Stefan still faces struggles everyday. As a luxury content creator the quality of his work is heavily dependent on his creativity. Any video, picture, post, and concept that he creates has to be well planned and executed so that he is set apart from every other content creator. 

There is a lot of competition in this industry, he is always making sure that people recognize how much of a marketing genius he is through his work. It makes the entire job much more difficult for Stefan but the quality of his work helps distinguish him from everyone else.