Strong Google Photos Video Feature Revealed in New Google Update

Strong Google Photos Video Feature Revealed in New Google Update

Google is currently testing a new one-tap enhancement feature that would greatly simplify the process of enhancing the appearance of video recordings using Google Photos.

The most recent version of the Google Photos Android app ( includes code for a new one-tap video enhancement feature that will automatically adjust a video’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and “other qualities” to improve its appearance, according to app expert AssembleDebug, working with Android Authority.

Although the feature is not currently operational, AssembleDebug was able to enable and test it by manipulating some hidden program flags. The new feature reportedly “takes some time,” depending on how long the video is. on contrast to the Pixel 8 Pro’s unique Video Boost function, all processing takes place locally on the device instead of on the cloud. Following processing, the improved video can be saved as a duplicate, preserving the original.

When the function is activated, a pop-up window that reads “New! Enhance your video with one tap” appears above the well-known magic wand icon toward the bottom of the screen.

This kind of “Enhance” capability for video is akin to the one that has long been there for still images. Google will probably become quite popular if they can significantly enhance the quality of recorded video without having to deal with the headaches of human editing.

Saturation and contrast may be greatly improved with a single tap using the unreleased functionality, according to a single result that was included in the initial report.

AssembleDebug states that since the new feature, unlike Video Boost, doesn’t require any particular hardware, it will probably be made available for all devices. Additionally, it probably won’t be as effective as Video Boost because it doesn’t depend on pre-selecting the enhanced mode and recording in a higher-quality format. The main advantage here is the versatility of working with any kind of video.