StructureFlow Raises Over €5.5 Million for Visualizing Complex Data

StructureFlow Raises Over €5.5 Million for Visualizing Complex Data

Leading legal IT firm StructureFlow just revealed that it has completed a €5.5 million Series A fundraising round. With the investment, the B2B SaaS platform will be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence even more to boost its international footprint and speed up product development in response to the rapidly increasing demand on a global scale.

When trying to navigate the complexities of complicated company relationships, busy legal and finance professionals find it essential to visualize corporate structures and transactions. Structure charts have been instrumental in helping teams see the big picture, from the first mapping of J.P. Morgan’s structure in the early 20th century to the recent dismantling of FTX’s collapsing crypto empire. This has allowed teams to sort through the legal, financial, and regulatory detail in order to find the best solutions for their clients.

Up until now, making these charts has required an analogue “diagramming” approach that hasn’t evolved in decades, which has been extremely painful and time-consuming. Now introduce StructureFlow. Tim Follett founded the company, fully digitizing the workflow and enabling 21st-century professionals to leverage the power of visual working beyond basic diagramming—a move motivated by his time at the esteemed UK legal firm Slaughter and May.

Currently, more than 50 significant legal and professional services firms throughout the globe utilize StructureFlow’s platform. Renowned American law companies including Baker McKenzie, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, and Norton Rose Fulbright, as well as British legal firms belonging to the “Magic Circle,” such as Slaughter and May, Allen & Overy, Shearman & Sterling, and Linklaters, are among its clientele.

The highly skilled international team at StructureFlow approaches the visual modeling of intricate corporate data from a data-centric perspective. StructureFlow’s goal is to bring complexity to light by going “beyond diagramming”; it does this by integrating flexible drawing tools with artificial intelligence to automatically visualize complicated content, such as databases, contracts, and public records. In just a few seconds, users may create data-driven visual models that can be dynamically altered for the specific objectives of the project at hand, whether it be a regulatory investigation, company acquisition, or debt restructuring.

Professionals are enabled to use graphics to support communication, alignment, and decision-making with ease; this leads to faster, better diagrams as well as faster, better strategic outcomes.

With the completion of the Series A round, US-based FinTech fund FINTOP Capital led StructureFlow’s total funding to about €14 million. Venrex, a prominent US asset management fund, followed suit. Along with its recent investment in Legatics, a top transaction management platform, FINTOP Capital’s involvement in the company expands its footprint in the LegalTech industry.

With this funding, StructureFlow hopes to fulfill its aim of becoming a vital visual layer within the IT stack for professional services. StructureFlow guarantees that such information remains legible by humans by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to combine various data sources and record systems into a unified graphical interface. This helps to close the gap between complicated data and human comprehension. In the upcoming decades, this new type of technology that they are developing will be indispensable for conducting business.

“As a former corporate lawyer, I experienced firsthand the power of visualisation in cutting through complexity,” stated Tim Follett, CEO and founder of StructureFlow. It’s true that an image speaks a thousand words! But making these images was frequently quite unpleasant and annoying, especially at late hours when one was under pressure and had to spend hours dragging shapes and lines about PowerPoint. I felt driven to find a better method because I knew there had to be one. Our goal is to unleash the potential of visualisation and make the creation of visual material exceedingly simple. There has never been a better moment to take advantage of this potential than with the arrival of GenAI. Our mission is to revolutionize the way experts convey complicated knowledge, making it less stressful, faster, and more effective.

Chris Haley, Partner at FINTOP Capital, said, “Legal and professional services around the world are feeling the strain from decades of economic, technical, and social upheaval and are crying out for change. As both a former lawyer and former operator of technology scale-ups myself, I was struck by the clarity of Tim’s vision for StructureFlow, and the quality of the team that he has built around him to deliver on the promise of cutting through complexity. Change is coming to this industry, and Tim and his team, with their deep expertise across legal, SaaS, and legal tech, are extremely well placed to deliver it.”