Struggle is something which makes our determinations even stronger; they are the challenges that test our limits. Dreaming of big but accepting to start with small is the first step towards success. This is also the path which was followed by a well know persona Ali Adel, who is a Egyptian actor and is on the verge of becoming globally famous.
He has challenged all the struggles which were served on his plate. A determined person will move out of his comfort zone to pursue his dreams. He is a famous actor, but struggles are what made him reach at this point. Nothing can be achieved without hard work.
We have a mentality of not taking the risk, and waiting for another person to take the risk first. This basically has come from our ancestors; most important thing is we need to be the first to take the risk so that others will follow our path by getting inspired from us.
From humble beginnings come great things is what Ali’s life revolves around, he believes in Karma. He raises his concerns that today’s youth want to reach top levels without much struggles. He says this is completely wrong, because starting with small is what will make you more determined.
In his earlier stages of career as actors, he participated in whatever roles he got. He was fascinated with acting profession and thus after his schooling he decided to pursue his career in acting. He has struggled a lot, he was not offered the lead role at the beginning, and he had to work hard to get that role. If we speak about his achievements now, he has won the best male actor award three times. This itself defines how much hardworking this persona is.
He has inspired many young youths, it is very important we identify our talents and pursue them. Hard work, determination and consistency are everything you need to achieve great heights.