SustainKart aims at changing the way e-commerce buyers shop

SustainKart aims at changing the way e-commerce buyers shop

Sustainability is the need of the hour. Our planet needs our attention now more than ever. It is important that we understand the carbon footprint and change the way we do things. If reuse and recycle at the most heard of things in sustainable space, to be more focused on is the way we purchase commodities. Buying nature friendly is important.

SustainKart is India’s first ever ecommerce marketplace exclusively for sustainable products. They are a responsible platform that aims at revamping households with conscious products. Their mission is to change the spending pattern of Indian’s for their lifestyle commodities.

Their decision to be conscious goes into many threads of our everyday lifes and choices. By Curating conscious alternatives to our daily commodities, they pledge towards building a healthy future for the generations to come. Choose from a wide range of products sourced from nature’s best. They offer products in all categories except electronics.

Founded by Shilpa Reddy and Kanthi Dutt, this business aims at changing the way shoppers choose their products. “If we filter the products right at the source, our problem is greatly solved” says Shilpa Reddy, the founder. SustainKart works with several national brands to bring in the best of the products on its platform.

“We carefully ordered the products and ensure they are well source and rightly manufactured. This market has a huge scope of growth, being at the right time as people are understanding the importance of conserving and preserving “, added Kanthi Dutt, the founder. The brand acquired over 50,000 customers in the first two months of launch! SustainKart gained massive support from celebrities from across industries.