SUVs vs Minivans: Which are Better?

SUVs vs Minivans: Which are Better?

The SUV vs Minivan battle has come a long way. Which body type is better for families, SUV or minivan? If you are practical and logical, it is a minivan. If you want style and toughness both, it is an SUV.

Speaking generally, each body type comes with its pros and cons.

In minivans, it is easy for kids and adults both to access the seating area and cargo due to its large sliding door. Mostly, all minivans in the segment come with three seating rows which are foldable or removable.

On the other hand, SUVs are known for their style and sturdiness. The 4-wheel-drive feature combined with a strong suspension and aggressive tyres makes SUVs more favourable for off-road driving. These come with either two or three rows.

Let’s discuss how minivans compare to SUVs and which is better for families?


Minivans are less pricey when it comes to value for money. With all the competitive features, these cars are offered at fewer prices. The popular minivan of this decade, Honda Odyssey 2020 is priced at $30,700. A large-sized SUV like Honda Pilot starts at 32,000 US$ for the basic trim.


Since SUVs are taller and heavier, many drivers believe that they are safer. However, one thing to consider is that the height factor can make the vehicle more vulnerable to mishaps like rollovers.

On the contrary, rides are more stable and safer with minivans as in this condition the vehicle is closer to the ground and has a more stable and lower center of gravity.

Apart from that rollover thing, there is hardly any other difference between the two. Both body types come with an array of advanced safety features. Here, we can say that is a tie between both body types.

SUV vs. Minivan Interior Comfort

Some interior features get excluded as you opt to buy a basic trim level. The more advanced the trim version, the better the interior features are.

When it comes to interior comfort minivans win this category due to their minimal seating arrangements and the sliding doors. There are many minivans in the segment which have middle seats which slide down or fold down, adding to the comfort of passengers.

Some SUVs have folding seats down the third row, but they are smaller than minivans. Also, the middle seats are less customisable in SUVs.

Additionally, the sliding doors in minivans come quite handy when you are parking the car in a closed or crampy area. You can get inside the car to pick up the cargo even if there is a little area to access the door. The less height also makes it more convenient for people to access the car, especially for children and older people.

SUV vs. Minivan Performance

The SUV would beat a minivan in terms of performance. SUVs have optional V8 engines or turbocharged V6 engines which makes the acceleration and towing abilities more powerful.

As discussed earlier, the lower centre of gravity in minivans makes them more agile. However, there are many crossovers within the SUV category which offer similar handling capabilities even with the higher ground clearance.

When it comes to towing heavier trailers or oversized boats, SUVs are clear winners due to their weight and unique design.

Another great advantage that SUVs get to their large height is more visibility on the road. The driver can notice any bad condition on the road before other drivers. For instance, by staying conscious and attentive, you can observe any accident ahead of other drivers and then decide to avoid the inconvenience it can cause you while the other drivers will waste their time stranded in a long queue.

SUV vs. Minivan Cargo Space

Minivans hold an edge in cargo space. The cargo space in minivans is generous. For instance, Honda Odyssey offers 38.6 cubic feet of standard cargo space behind the third row. When you fold the third row, it becomes 92 cubic feet and folding down the last two rows, it extends to 158 cubic feet.

Comparing this massive cargo space with SUVs, we have 16.1 feet of cargo space in a Land Cruiser and 16.5 cubic feet in Honda Pilot.