T1 Tact Watch Using Step Counter to Leap Over Xiomai, Fitbit, and Apple Smart Watches

T1 Tact Watch Using Step Counter to Leap Over Xiomai, Fitbit, and Apple Smart Watches

Here’s a trend rising in popularity with  fans of running, walking, hiking, treadmills, and other hobbies that involve moving your feet.   It’s no longer a complicated task to keep up with how many steps you have taken during a workout session.  Ranked the ‘favorite’ feature of brand customers, the new T1 Tact Watch pedometer not only counts steps, but it was updated to show animated sneakers as well.

“I love the step counter.  It’s important for me now that I’ve used it.  Being able to see how many steps you walks motivates you to out do yourself. I reset my goals by a few steps everyday,” wrote Zach Smith on the watch brand’s facebook (@T1TactWatch).

The step counter feature was added to the original T1 Tact in 2018.   It was thought of as a useful, but semi-common feature by most standards.  With people constantly speaking of the pedometer feature, it became competition amongst smartwatch brands to cater to the fan demand.

Brands like Fitbit, Apple Watch, MTM, Garmin, Misfit, Xiamoi, and Whoop all used this internet conversation trend amongst users to improve their features.  However, T1 Tact Watch quickly became a leader to the niche because of price, style, and quality.

The Apple Watch ranges in price from $500-$1000.  The MTM Special Ops watch is $375. GadgetWorkout lists the Xiamoi Mi b and for just under $100.   Other smart watches with step counters range from $150-$500 USD.    Most of these watches are all ‘bands’ and not a full size watch one would wear in all events.   They are simply loved for ease of wear and listed features, not readability nor efficiency.

The T1 Tact Watch decided towards late 2018 to minimize inefficiencies of other brands and their own.  Already ahead of the pack because of ‘readability,’ with a larger screen size, the smartwatch released an app update.  The presentation of the step counter is now different with a ‘fun look’ added to the pedometer, showing animated sneakers with the amount of steps taken.   Also, data can be stored from each of your walking, hiking, or running sessions.

Above all, the retail price of the T1 Tact is what one might speculate made it popular today.    It has a retail price of $69.99 on the official website. The American brand is putting an emphasis on respecting the ‘blue collar dollars’  in their sales pitch. The concept seems to be appreciated judging by Instagram (@T1Tactwatch) and facebook comments.

The shoe animation feature on the tactical smartwatch was designed by a hired ‘sneaker aficionado’ and  pop culture fashion enthusiast. See photos of the app update in the article above.

The T1 Tact Watch is being sold exclusively through their website, T1TactWatch.com currently.   Retail stores will begin listing the American brand of wristwear in late 2020 according to their website.  Keep up with brand updates via reddit (r/T1TactWatch ).