Benchmark Entertainment’s next track Ab Aaja by Gajendra Verma and Jonita Gandhi is a breath of fresh air

After dropping a series of posters by leaving the fans guessing, Benchmark Entertainment shares their latest track titled Ab Aaja sung by the extremely talented duo Gajendra Verma and Jonita Gandhi.

Gajendra is amongst the very few self-made artists who are admired by fans up to great extent. His work is celebrated as an invaluable contribution to indie-pop music. The expressiveness and depth in his music is what keeps people hooked to his songs. This time again, Gajendra left the fans in ecstasy by releasing this heart-touching melody. Benchmark Entertainment & Virtual Planet gloriously released the most awaited song ‘Ab Aaja’ sung by Gajendra Verma & Jonita Gandhi featuring Priyanka Khera in the music video as a lead opposite Gajendra. The song is shot in Chandigarh, directed by Dhruwal Patel along with creative director Jigar Mulani.

Till date, Benchmark Entertainment has been religiously keeping their fans engaged with content and tracks that have gone ahead to become a hit amongst fans. Fans are looking forward to witnessing more tracks by Benchmark Entertainment in the coming time.