LG guarantees better Android updates w/’three-year pledge’ and they totally mean it this time

After LG shut down its cell phone division this week, they rushed to specify that phones right now available wouldn’t promptly be deserted. Maybe, updates to Android 12 are on the agenda. Presently, to additionally reduce concerns, LG is promising three years of Android updates to its premium cell phones.

In a declaration the previous night, LG uncovered its “three-year pledge” that guarantees up to three “iterations” of Android updates beginning at the year of procurement. The guarantee is principally implied for LG’s premium phones like the Velvet, Wing, V60, and other high-end Android gadgets. Those gadgets will get at least three significant Android updates. For example, this implies that the LG V60 will see Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13.

For LG’s lower-end phones, the organization says that “certain” models from the LG Stylo and K series will get at least two updates. With the Stylo 6 particularly being a particularly gigantic seller in the US, that is incredible to see.

Be that as it may, this all must be taken with a tremendous grain of salt. It sounds extraordinary contrasted with LG’s terrible Android update support from the previous several years, yet we’ve heard such a thing previously. In 2018, LG declared its “Software Upgrade Center” that should accelerate Android updates and put them out for more.