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Buying a car on Instagram @ .__..__. Feedback personal experience

Hello dear readers, what progress has come that you can already buy a car online! I will tell you my personal experience briefly.

In December 2020, I sold my car and wanted to buy a new, more comfortable and German one, flipping through the Facebook feed I came across an advertisement for this account @ ...., the prices for cars were taking into account delivery from Germany and very low prices caused suspicion, but I decided to write to the store, the seller Igor answered me quickly, told me everything and said the delivery conditions, after a couple of days I thought about it and decided to take a chance, paid 30% of the prepayment, I was told that the car would be delivered up to 10-11 days and I would be contacted by 10 days for sure, they contacted me and told me that I can pick up the car with the balance of 70% of the money?? It was all promptly and efficiently received my car and was satisfied! I want to dispel all negative reviews and recommend this store. Also, the seller’s very prompt work pleases! Without any evaporation in a car dealership! I bought a Volkswagen Tiguan car, 2020 diesel variation. The cost was $ 21.500, including the transfer commission And so on!