A New Horror Film, Inpersonified, Streams Worldwide, Showcases Talents Of Filmmaker Eddie Zajdel, Inspires Independent Filmmakers To Keep Creating In Face Of COVID-19

As the evolving COVID-19 pandemic delays major Hollywood productions, talented independent filmmakers like Eddie Zajdel are showcasing their creative talents to fulfill the need for new entertainment in these unprecedented times. Coming off the release of his hit short horror film, Inpersonified, on Amazon Prime, Zajdel is empowering viewers and inspiring other independent filmmakers to continue creating in the face of COVID-19.

As Hollywood productions are put on hiatus, viewers worldwide continue to demand new films for entertainment. This reality has presented an opportunity for independent filmmakers, like Zajdel, to showcase their creative potential and connect with new audiences from around the world. “You do not need a $200,0000 budget or expensive camera to create great art or tell a captivating story,” remarked Zajdel. “The only piece of equipment you need is in your pocket – a cell phone – to capture and share a story with the world.”

With video quality comparable to cameras used to produce movies in the early 2000s, independent filmmakers around the world are finally able to showcase their talents even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the power of one’s imagination to tell a compelling story, independent filmmakers are using friends and family as actors and maximizing resources at home as props. Thinking outside the box, the constant adaptation of filmmakers to produce exciting films in the face COVID-19 represents true artistic and creative talents that excite viewers worldwide.

With film-friendly platforms such as Prime Video and Vimeo available, while much of the world faces stay-at-home orders, independent filmmakers are connecting with new audiences, sharing their creative talents with new fans, and helping people cope with the stresses of quarantine and self-isolation. There has never been a better time for an independent filmmaker to bring a story to life.

Eddie Zajdel, a talented director, producer, and writer, is a major proponent of persevering during these unsettling times. His creative and artistic talents used to release Inpersonified on Amazon Prime are a testament to this perseverance during COVID-19. Created with just three actors and a traditional photography camera, Inpersonified represents filmmaking in the life of COVID-19 and was produced with no budget and limited on-hand resources. Through its exciting storyline, Inpersonified is exciting viewers and inspiring other filmmakers to begin their next film, showing them the unlimited possibilities that exist in the face of COVID-19 and encouraging them to not allow quarantine to prevent the release of their next big project.

Zajdel, an experienced independent filmmaker, is lending his creative vision, artistic talent, and mentorship to other filmmakers seeking inspiration and support during these trying times. To connect with Zajdel and to get inspired to keep creating, please follow @eddiezaj on Instagram. To learn more about Eddie Zajdel, please visit