Upscaling new heights, setting benchmarks for others to follow in the entrepreneurial world is Aimi Shibuya【渋谷愛実】

This young budding women entrepreneur is all charged up to create a huge niche for herself in the business world.
The world has seen tremendous dynamic and digital transformation in the past decade or so covering many different career opportunity fields, be it advertising, sales & marketing, finance, engineering, medicine and many more. If there is one thing that is common across these sectors, fields, and businesses then it is the emergence and uprising of new young budding women entrepreneurs. The millennials today have been the new talk of the town and always think out of the box. The amount of zest and enthusiaam that they carry is amazing and are ever ready with new ideas, ventures, parallel industry that would keep the new generation customers glued to it. With the world shifting its gear to virtual battleground, everything is easily available for the next gen customers. We met one such extremely passionate and resilient women entrepreneur from Japan, Aimi Shibuya, who is flourishing as an ace entrepreneur across different niches of the business world.
Hailing from Japan, Aimi Shibuya has now made Singapore as her new destination for expanding her business ventures and challenging her potential. She has been in the league of her own when it comes to verticals and niches like beauty salon and restaurant business. Being attracted towards the entrepreneurial world as a kid, Aimi Shibuya always wanted to be her own boss and own a company/business under her own name. Today she channelizes her energy, focus, and vision in making her dream turn into reality. With an vision of bringing in the beauty of Japan to Singapore, she has her own beauty salon doing extremely well, swiftly becoming numero uno choice for customers across the country. Making use of natural products for beauty and personal care, Aimi sets a great example among different genres of clientele. They are also into an unique concept of tooth whitening which hasn’t been much famous in a country like Singapore. Their services and products have been at the top of the tier spreading much love, joy, and happiness among thousands.
Aimi Shibuya is also the owner of her Japanese restaurant which is also gaining great momentum among foodies. Their unique menu compromising of wide variety of sushi’s reminds people the taste of Japan. In addition to this, Aimi Shibuya is an avid Instagram influencer and has collaborated with many different celebrities and well-known figures in order to generates more sales and revenues. She has more than 250000+ followers on Instagram.
渋谷愛実【Aimi Shibuya】
Of course, her appearance is remarkable beautiful,but her personality is the highest rating anyone can ask.
Aimi Shibuya always speaks with a smile, speaks Japanese, English and a little Chinese, and is also very smart.
Everyone smiles when they meet her, including us.
I think that’s probably the secret to her success in many companies.
We wish Aimi Shibuya all the very best for all her future endeavors and hope that she inspires many millions on route to greatness.