Kishmel Eagar – An Influencer who Thinks Beyond Everyone

Behind every brand or an influencer, is a highly experienced digital expert specialized in online marketing. Entrepreneur Kishmel Eagar is the man behind marketing company Entry Points Media which has helped many influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to grow on social media. From creating content to getting leads and prospects for businesses, and growing and scaling Instagram pages; Kishmel’s company has done it all in the last 2 years. Besides online marketing, Kishmel is also associated with real estate and has made a balance between both of his works.

According to him, every brand or business must have their social media presence to connect to a larger audience. He calls core value, passion and consistency as the three major aspects to make a brand successful on Instagram. He states that setting a niche and having a target audience also helps in building the image of a business on the social media platform. In the last few months, he has helped many of his clients in boosting organic social media growth with aggressive social media campaigns. Kishmel quoted, “Delivering quality content is the key. Many clients are willing to spend money if they extraordinary deal in return. Make sure to give the best services to have great client retention.”

For boosting strong social media growth, his company has helped many local B2B businesses in the past. Entry Points Media usually targets entrepreneurs, online businesses and influencers as they need to expand their growth on the digital space. “Growing an Instagram account is not just about the numbers and number of followers. It’s about building a brand, community and loyal following that you can ultimately monetize”, stated Kishmel. He further added that his journey as a digital entrepreneur has been all about trials and errors as he did not have any mentor, neither he learnt any course about online marketing.

Lastly, Kishmel also had some important advice for young entrepreneurs who want to learn about Instagram growth. Understanding the niche and Instagram algorithm is the first important aspect one must understand. He further laid emphasis on having an organic approach and not using Instagram bots. Adding to it, Kishmel explained that it is the need to network with popular pages catering to your niche. Consistently posting pictures with relevant hashtags is another secret he revealed to grow followers organically.