Christopher Chin: Fashionista with a knack for business

Christopher Chin a luminary persona has been in the fashion industry for quite a long time and has turned a lot of heads around with his staging. As a child coming from South East Florida, Fort Lauderdale, his parents had to bend over backward to get him into a Catholic High School called St. Thomas Aquinas, which proved to be nothing but the right choice for him. After his high school, he went for further studies at the University of South Florida and graduated in 2015. This is the place that gave rise to his entrepreneurial spirit and he soon realized his desires.

Christopher Chin is claiming his name to fame, being the CEO of a successful digital agency named PolishedAgency, helping brands, businesses, and creatives get more sales, visits, and engagement amplifying their reach which helps with the exponential growth of their business. At PolishedAgency they built meaningful and fruitful relationships with their customers. They give excellent results and develop a customized strategy for your business, and then work towards implementing this furthers the company’s sophisticated high-end image.

Christopher Chin is also one of the most prominent social media influencers and is known by SeptemberMondays. He was always allured towards fashion and took his first step towards it at a very young age and it has been his only love since. He aspires to build a clothing brand by himself for men who shame the same taste in fashion with him. This energetic soul along with being a hotshot on Instagram with a huge fan base has a zest to grow and get better which he does by luring his fans by his effortless fashion sense. He is a complete stunner and can carry any kind of attire with utmost elan. Having a huge engagement on his Instagram handle is proof that he knows his work and has an absolute love for it.