Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Graham Kramer and His Business Kramer Advertising

Entrepreneurs and startups are plentiful in this country in these times of opportunity and smartly executed capitalism. The modern small business’ biggest problem is that there often is too much competition in their respective areas of expertise. Many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and musicians often fail to market themselves, and therefore fail in their endeavors. If no one knows about your business, how will you get customers? 

This is the inspiration behind Graham Kramer’s marketing business Kramer Advertising. Graham is one of the digital marketing industry’s greatest and most successful marketers, and his success has shown it. His clients have included massive global entities including MTV, Rolling Loud, Pink Dolphin Clothing, and countless independent musicians. Graham has also been successful building his own personal image, accruing over 350,000 Instagram followers on his personal account. 

Born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, Graham is loyal to the area, being active in community social events and donating to local charities. He plans to expand into the fashion and real estate markets within the next few years, in which undoubtedly, he will be very successful, considering the extreme extent to his marketing expertise.

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