Kelby Dishman Earns The Trust Of Weary Online Models

Kelby Dishman has been managing talent for almost 10 years now. As he sits drinking his morning coffee you can see the years of doing what others wouldn’t have worn him down a bit. The fire in his eyes though, that passion? It’s gone nowhere.

Starting out managing DJ’s and Producers, while organizing and managing electronic dance parties, he eventually moved to his true love of managing rappers.

As his notoriety and experience grew, so did people’s trust for him. That’s when he found something very peculiar.

Doing the EXACT same work, his efforts for local model @Bonital0lita produced 5-6x the results with NO change. This motivated the creation of Polaroid Lollipop, a new-age modeling & influencer agency started in Houston Texas. Kelby has now worked with notable talent and industry leader @lissaaires, the absolute queen of Fashionova @jojo_babie, and Columbian Goddess @havaryk.

If you’re a model and would like to grow your presence or monetize the presence you already have, feel free to shoot him a DM!

Instagram: influenceconsultant