Entrepreneur Rajdev Brahmbhatt to soon make his debut as a casting director

Rajdev Brahmbhatt is a name synonymous with multitasking. An entrepreneur who has been a successful celebrity manager, digital disruptor has added another feather to his cap.

Rajdev is now all set to make his debut as a casting director. The dynamic and young personality of Rajdev has helped him hit the ground running and touch new heights ever since the beginning of his career.

Rajdev is the founder of Veeycreate Influence, an agency that specializes in talent management and promotion and is closely working with Benchmark Entertainment over the years. Rajdev’s experience and knowledge of social media and influencer marketing have helped him expand his business within a short span of time. Today, he is touted as the young and dynamic social media strategist who has carved his niche in the entertainment industry and how.

The entrepreneur is leaving no stone unturned in making the right choices. Rajdev has been working with some of the prominent names in the influencers industry and has been making sure to be a strong support system to his clients. He is currently working on future projects that include a mixture of all types of entertainment-related content.