“My aim with Superior Dropshipping is to help clients skip the trial and error process,” says Raymond Scott Jr.

It is not common to find an entrepreneur ready to help others build their businesses, especially in today’s cutthroat business environment. However, Ray Scott, an e-commerce expert, is willing to show others how to create and grow their online businesses just like he developed his.

Ray Scott, the owner of Superior Dropshipping, started on an entrepreneurship path as a child by watching his entrepreneur father. His family saw the passion he had for being his own boss and supported him in his dreams.

Scott’s first foray into e-commerce was in 2014 when he got customers to complete CPA offers through the ProjectPayDay referral program. He made a tidy sum of $4000 and realized that online businesses could earn him money. While working at the Navy Federal Credit Union in 2016, he launched his own store as an Amazon seller, and in three months, he had made $100k in gross sales. This pushed him to start Superior Dropshipping, a platform where helps people create, build, and scale their dropshipping businesses. He has already worked with over 400 accounts, producing consistent profits in each.

“My aim with Superior Dropshipping is to help clients skip the trial and error process when starting the business. I want to help them start making money immediately instead of being stuck for months trying to figure out what works for the business and what doesn’t,” he says. 

From obtaining the necessary business permits to setting up supplier accounts and an Amazon seller account, Superior Dropshipping does what is needed for you to start you off on your dropshipping business.

“I had no one to help me when I started out; I learned everything on the job. There were some painful lessons where things didn’t work out, but I made it in the end. I combined all the lessons I learned, both positive and negative, into Superior Dropshipping to help people create and scale their businesses. We have developed a software that helps track your business growth and keep you in constant contact with our team,” adds Scott.

For anyone wanting to get into dropshipping, Ray Scott has simplified the process for you by creating a platform where he and his team take on all the challenging tasks for you.