Rojah Larue Explains The Challenges Of Love On ‘Wish Me Well’

Hailing from Florida, rising hip hop artist Rojah Larue has been grinding for a career in music since he began writing songs two years ago. The artist is inspired by the challenges he faces in life, often writing about his real-life experiences.

Larue recently dropped ‘Wish Me Well,’ a smooth jam in which the artist pours his heart out, explaining the challenges of falling in love. The creative showcases his songwriting abilities throughout the track, offering a catchy chorus, vibey cadences, and real lyrics that a wider audience can relate to. Larue speaks on dating good-looking girls and the heartbreak that comes with being a player.

The artist has been active so far in 2021, releasing a pair of new singles. Larue did let us know that he plans to release a project in December before the new year.

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