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With Countless Achievements Already, What’s Next for SBCollector?

Starting as a collector from a young age and gaining the vision for his future, Chris Robinson set a list of goals he wanted to achieve throughout his life. Now, only years later, he has done them all. Through years of hard work, his what seemed impossible goals as a kid are now steppingstones to even greater success.

After achieving his childhood goals, which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, Chris hopes to push on and gain a net worth of five million dollars as well as buy a Rolls Royce truck, having a customized ceiling of the constellations for his birthday. His goals today seemed impossible years ago but, today, they seem like no big deal. With the glide path he has built for himself as well as the successful business standpoint he has created, his goals are surely reachable. Be sure to keep up with all the events from Chris and be sure to check out his shoe stores and social media outlets. Chris has a lot to come and even bigger plans ahead – stay tuned.

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