Cousins Talston Stangler & Shane Skaar Give Insights into their Growing Business Streignth

Many people dream of being their own boss and building their own business. However, most people never take steps to do so, or wait too long. Yet, on the flipside, there are people like Shane Skaar, who is already operating a successful sportswear brand at just 20 years old.

Shane Skaar, with the help of his cousin Talston Stangler, has built his company from the ground up, and it has been an outright success in the Midwest. As the business has grown, Shane has gotten orders from all 50 states, with no signs of slowing down. The brand’s foundation is motivation to create the greatest version of yourself physically and mentally, with a charming backstory to go with it.

Shane spends his time creating designs for the brand, shipping orders, managing the brand’s team of athletes & ambassadors, running the social media accounts, and planning photography and videography shoots. Now, Shane and his team are starting to create content that gives insights into how the business is being run, tips and tricks for entrepreneurs, and even workouts you can participate in from home. Shane and his team hope to build a deeper connection with customers by building a community within Streignth’s multi-media platforms. While already off to a good start, you can expect more and more content coming your way across the brand’s social media channels.

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