Kanthi D. Suresh – The first woman in India to head a 24/7 sports channel

Kanthi D Suresh is the Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz, India’s first live sports news and journalism channel on a digital platform. Launched in May 2018, Power Sportz is famous for its flagship show Talking Turkey with Kanthi, which covers important sports issues daringly.

Available on Android, iOS and the Amazon Fire TV stick, Kanthi has played an important role in making the channel famous with her marvellous reporting of hot sports issues, with her rich gamut in sports journalism and years of experience in the field.

While talking about being one of only a few women in the male-dominated field, Kanthi says sports is highly male-dominated in India and the scenario is same in her office too as she and her executive assistant are the only women. 

The show ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’ host believes that the biggest challenge for a woman is that she has to be twice as good as the average man. You’ve to work twice as hard to be accepted as expertise in sports or you’ll be ignored as glamour dolls who don’t recognize sports field, says the editor. Talking Turkey with Kanthi is a first bold sports debate show in India.


Sports Channel Power Sportz is Doing Impartial Reporting on Sports-Related Issues

Power Sportz is India’s first sports news and journalism channel on a digital platform and it has gained popularity for taking sports-related issues with full gravity. The channel covers a gamut of shows covering all the latest topics, showcasing events and interviews, bytes of players, experts, coaches and officials.  The channel is a true entertainment hub for passionate sports lovers.

However, if Power Sportz is becoming famous, due to its engaging content, the big credit goes without a doubt to the flagship program of the channel – Talking Turkey with Kanthi. The show is handled by the Editor-in-chief Kanthi D. Suresh, who has rich experience in sports journalism. 

Every episode of Talking Turkey gets a viewership of over one million, which is owing to the unbiased reporting and the hot issues.  In some episodes of Talking Turkey, especially the recent ones, where one of them exposed the inside reality of Golf Federation, got special attention from the audience on social media.

In an unconditional show of courage, Kanthi could question anyone, whether it is the National Sports Federations (NSF), autonomous bodies, sports officials or even the Government of India. Power Sportz is enjoying mammoth growth in its popularity.