Talking IGTV with Kris Lal

Talking IGTV with Kris Lal

Kris Lal, CEO of CuratorsociaL, has worked with hundreds of clients on their Instagram strategy over the last five years. We touched base with him to discover his tips on IGTV and how to get the best out of one of Instagram’s most underrated features.

Have you used IGTV to promote your clients businesses?

Yes we have definitely used IGTV at www.curatorsocialcom. We find that video content is king when it comes to engagement and IGTV has been an excellent add-on paired with an existing robust strategy. If it’s teachable, listable, informative, and on brand IGTV can be an engagement powerhouse.

Did it work as planned?

Yes and no. Unfortunately for a few businesses we’ve found that there is a lack of understanding around IGTV’s value which then translates into lower engagement and enthusiasm overall.

On the flipside however, client’s who are in the service, health and beauty industry have benefitted from the extended engagement as audiences are hungry for content and learning especially during this pandemic.

A Super Tip for anyone thinking about using IGTV?

Subtitles are key! Over 85% of users view video on social media with the sound off, we make it a point to ensure our clients videos are captioned from the get go. You don’t want to put all of this effort into crafting an amazing video, only to have people scroll right past it.

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