TamilGlitz : An Emerging Electronic Media Publisher

TamilGlitz : An Emerging Electronic Media Publisher

TamilGlitz was founded by Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B during their final year of college life in June 2015. This Dynamic trio made ‘TamilGlitz’ an emerging digital media platform by their keen determination and hard work. TamilGlitz’s ultimately started to  focus on Tamil regional news, Entertainment news in Cinema & TV updates also it focuses on political news, sports and Current affairs. Giving fresh and unique content is art, then TamilGlitz is a Picasso in it. Their fresh news and updates created a buzz and discussions on social media.

TamilGlitz is a Digital tech media company that works on Authentic Tamil cinema news, TV updates, Current affairs, and Sports. They quickly capture the regional news, TV and cinema updates, Movie reviews, Political news, trending news, Celebrity interviews, Kollywood Events, Tamil Cinema Updates. They are best known for their dynamic works in TV updates like Bigg Boss.

The popularity began when online fan polling was introduced in TamilGlitz for the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Whenever the Bigg Boss Tamil season starts, people search for the voting methods where fans can choose their favorite contestants to check the public opinion. This lifts their popularity among cinema lovers in Tamil Nadu. This was the period TamilGlitz started to experience its stardom in the digital media platform.

The team is currently working without a break to publish the news instantly to reach the audience. The enhanced content and work which attracts the followers on its side. Thus, the followers started relying on this Digital Media by connecting with them. Together with followers, TamilGlitz started to grow enormously, and their network has an aggregate of 5 million regional followers on Facebook. Their official Facebook page has 1.1 million highly anticipated Followers. 

TamilGlitz has made tremendous growth in the e-media platform. This in turn made them noticeable among various producers and production houses of Tamil Cinema. Its recognition has also made some top Kollywood celebrities as its clients. Started to publish many interviews, upcoming projects too.

 The impact of social media influences many people to know everything about the famous celebrities and current affairs and hyperlocal news. One can simply rely on online platforms, to meet the new generation needs and demands, TamilGlitz gained its success by its own authentic and humble ways of giving clear cut information. TamilGlitz has become one of the leading and biggest electronic media publishers In South India.

  • Deliver instant Quality regional content to regional audiences.
  • Conducted public polls and online forum discussions to discuss current scenarios among the followers.
  • Promoted various movies and conducted movie reviews and provided relevant authentic information.
  • Projects the news realistically. 

TamilGlitz’s Social presence:

Twitter: @TamilGlitzin

Facebook: TamilGlitz.inInstagram: @tamilglitz.in