Tapping in an Adolescent’s Mind through Handwriting Analysis/Graphology

Tapping in an Adolescent’s Mind through Handwriting Analysis/Graphology

Adolescence is considered as a very crucial stage in human life, the time wherein the human brain evolves and grows by leaps and bounds. Scientifically, the time when in addition to hormonal changes, the middle region of the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for reasoning, planning, and problem-solving, is very much active.

Adolescence creates manifold intrinsic implications in the life; ravenous mind, wayward spirit, infuriating confusions, craving of being independent and the development of a strong sense of self arises.

At times, it also draws stress, depression and other mental traumas with it. The emotional, mindful, intellectual, physical and social transition builds a pressure within, which sometimes is not easy to keep in control and hence one might need help.

And isn’t it absolutely okay to seek help?

It has been observed that Handwriting Analysis is widely used around the globe to tap psychological and other mental issues. Just by probing and evaluating a few handwritten lines, handwriting expert can discover one’s personality and behaviour.

Recently, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Holistic Healing Foundation of India (HHFI) at Gujrat University organized an International MENTAL HEALTH Conference with the theme of “Coping with Mental Health”. The objective of conference was to give a platform to various mental health professionals and to share knowledge and coordinate efforts towards a happier India.

Pooja Saran, a Master Handwriting Analyst, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist (the only Indian Faculty Member of Handwriting University International, USA) and Founder Director Neuroguide presented a research paper in the conference titled “TAPPING IN AN ADOLESCENT’S MIND THROUGH HANDWRITING ANALYSIS/GRAPHOLOGY”. The paper digs into 11 adolescent minds between the age group of 11 to 14. She analysed the intelligence, moral values, self-esteem and more personality traits just by evaluating strokes in their handwriting. She wrote that handwriting shows how the intellect varies with the thinking and understanding patterns of a child.

She has long championed the analysis of psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and suicidal traits and helped to understand the overall personality. She firmly believes that the sensitive stage of adolescence is the most precious time to guide their growth and learning process. The solution to tame the fears and confusions, building self-confidence, nurturing creative thoughts and cultivating optimistic attitude can be catered through Graphology. The new way to heal the young minds can be sought through Hypnotherapy.
Adolescence is the most zealous period, with just a little bit of help one can channelize the tremendous capacity and thrive in life.

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Interviewed by:

Bhupesh Advani

PR Waale – Public Relations Services