Tech Tycoon’s Family Office Is Putting $10 Billion Into AI

Tech Tycoon’s Family Office Is Putting $10 Billion Into AI

According to a top official at the company, PremjiInvest, the biggest family office in India and manager of over $10 billion for software mogul Azim Premji, would increase its investments in artificial intelligence startups while improving its exclusive AI investment tools.

TK Kurien, the company’s managing partner and chief investment officer, stated in his first interview following his appointment in 2017 that the firm is now developing an AI quant model for its public market bets as well. The company was one of the first significant Indian asset managers to employ AI techniques in the private equity industry. According to him, the asset manager would increase its investments in the AI field since it has witnessed “exponential returns.”

Global investment firms, such as SoftBank Group Corp. and BlackRock Inc., are looking to increase their investments in artificial intelligence (AI) as a means of obtaining real-time market insight from data streams. Thirteen AI engineers were employed by PremjiInvest when it began creating AI tools three years ago, according to Kurien. Simultaneously, it began providing support to companies that were entering the emerging technology market.

The asset manager is using AI to search through more than 10,000 companies worldwide based on 600 criteria in order to find potential investments. According to Kurien, the company anticipates that the entire exercise will provide it with an overview of new trends and technologies that could enable it to maintain an advantage over competitors.

Holistic AI, a London-based enterprise software company, Cohesity Inc., a data-management software company, Among the companies in this industry that PremjiInvest has previously supported are Ikigai and Pixis.

Some of Kurien’s AI technologies will be accessible to open-source developers. According to him, the fund’s engineers are also creating platforms to assist governments in providing services more efficiently and to speed up case resolution in India’s overworked courts.

Investment Plan

According to Kurien, the two main industries that PremjiInvest would bet on are technology and financial services. The other two areas in which the company makes investments in India’s private markets are consumer and health care. The technology and healthcare industries are the main targets of investments in the US.

The family office was founded in 2006 by Premji, the reclusive billionaire founder of Wipro Ltd., as an ongoing investment vehicle with the goal of making money to fund his charitable initiatives. The majority of his fortune has been given to charitable initiatives in India.

Having spent over 16 years honing his operational skills at Wipro, Kurien is currently searching the US for investment opportunities involving cutting edge technologies that might be introduced into India. The 120-person staff of PremjiInvest manages investments from its offices in Bengaluru, India, and Menlo Park, California.

According to Kurien, the outfit donates roughly 5% of its annual revenue to Premji’s charitable foundation; however, he did not elaborate.

According to Kurien, PremjiInvest’s assets are distributed among publicly traded stocks, private investments, and investments in other funds. In the past eight years, the 18-year-old firm has witnessed a fourfold increase in assets under management.

He declared, “We are patient capital without an exit time frame.”