Teen Blurb is Feeding Teenagers The News Through Tik Tok

Teen Blurb is Feeding Teenagers The News Through Tik Tok

Teen Blurb is a rapidly growing media company known for covering the latest trends in culture, gaming, influencers, music and more. The network has driven a particularly generation-z audience based on their numerous tactics to keep young people educated and informed.


The company has focused heavily on making news easy to consume through social media. With the massive social media sharing platform Tik Tok, the company shares the latest influencer news along with keeping their audience in the loop with the latest in politics, culture and gaming.


It’s evident that teenagers are way more likely to consume information through social media outlets like Tik Tok and Instagram rather than going to a site and reading a full article. A Teen Blurb representative told us, “With our publication we try to keep our articles short and to the point.” They continued, “Generation Z seems to have a shorter attention span and would much rather skim an summary or watch a video on the topic then read a full comprehensive article.”


The company has a monthly viewership in the millions which is quite impressive for a start-up like Teen Blurb. If you’d like to stay in the loop with all the latest news I highly suggest you give them a follow on Tik Tok.