Telegram Now Hosts Microsoft’s Copilot

Telegram Now Hosts Microsoft’s Copilot

On the instant messaging app Telegram, Microsoft’s Copilot—a generative AI-powered tool that can both generate text and respond to particular queries—is now accessible as an in-app chatbot.

Copilot for Telegram, which is now in testing, lets you converse with the AI chatbot like you would with a friend in a typical one-on-one setting. Additionally, it can respond to a broad variety of queries, ranging from general knowledge inquiries like “What movie should I watch?” to more specific inquiries like “What baseball game is on right now?”

By searching for its username, @CopilotOfficialBot, users can reach the bot. Users of Telegram can access it for free on PC and mobile platforms. The requirement for your phone number is one drawback.

Microsoft has integrated Copilot into a number of its products, such as Teams and Microsoft 365, in addition to Copilot+ PCs, AI-first hardware. Notable is Copilot’s foray into third-party services like Telegram, which may indicate Microsoft’s intention to integrate its AI chatbot into other social media platforms.

Other businesses are incorporating AI chatbots into their messaging services; one such company is Meta, which recently disclosed that it is testing Meta AI on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. By enabling you to utilize the generative AI found in Google Messages on Android smartphones, Google’s Gemini competes with Copilot. In the meantime, Snapchat’s AI chatbot that can reply to Snaps is powered by ChatGPT.