Tesla discloses its humanoid robot for ‘under $20,000’

Tesla discloses its humanoid robot for ‘under $20,000’

Tesla has disclosed its Optimus humanoid robot at its AI Day 2022 today and Elon Musk accepts Tesla can put up it for sale to the public for “less than $20,000”.

As expected, the event began with Tesla disclosing a working prototype of its humanoid robot – a project first declared at Tesla’s AI day in 2021.

There were two prototypes divulged at the event.

Tesla began by uncovering Bumble C, which is the first version of the bot and it was created with “semi off-the-shelves” actuators. It served as a testing bed for Tesla’s first robot created with in-house parts.

It did nothing noteworthy in front of an audience, yet it had the option to stroll around and wave at the group.

Tesla showed a few videos of the robot playing out some tasks in a controlled environment to exhibit some level of helpfulness.

The automaker even showed the robot playing out an errand at a real workstation at the Fremont factory.

However, after Bumble C, Tesla welcomed in front of an audience the first generation Optimus robot.

The motivation behind why Tesla didn’t lead with it and showed a before and harsher model is that it couldn’t really get the enhanced one to walk yet.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the new robot ought to have the option to stroll within the next few weeks, however he needed to show it today since it seems to be the version of the robot that will go into creation.

It likewise couldn’t do a lot of in front of an audience other than wave at the group and must be conveyed by Tesla representatives.

Musk noticed that this variant was outfitted with Tesla-designed actuators, battery pack, and power electronics.

Tesla uncovered that it had the principal model in February of 2022, which prompted this new variant that is currently probably going to stroll in the following couple of days.

Tesla shared a few specs of Optimus, including a 2.3 kWh battery pack, which the automaker cases ought to be great for about a day of work.

As Tesla reported last year, it is additionally outfitted with something very similar “self-driving computer” inside Tesla vehicles.

After the show about the specs and main features of the bot, Tesla continued on the a more in-dept presentation about the robotic and AI way to deal with creating it.

Once more, Tesla’s AI Day is tied in with enrolling and Tesla is fundamentally flaunting what it is really going after to assist with drawing in ability that would be keen on those subtleties.

On a customer level, Musk featured the way that while individuals have seen a lot of great humanoid robots previously, he demands that Tesla’s work is different in light of the fact that focused on developing a robot is manufacturable in high volume – dissimilar to one-off projects that we have found before.

Moreover, Musk said that Tesla’s benefit is that its bot will be powered by its AI, which has been essentially produced for self-driving technology. He accepts Tesla will be ready to use this work to empower the robot to navigate the real-world and perform valuable tasks.

The CEO reiterated past comments about how Optimus can bring a “fundamental change in civilization as we know it” by virtually “ending poverty” through working on economic output when used in industry.

He believes that the robot ought to cost “less than $20,000” to make. He didn’t update the timeline to production, however he recently said Tesla intended to bring to production when one year from now.