Tesla Model S Plaid last release date officially declared by Elon Musk

Tesla Model S Plaid last release date officially declared by Elon Musk

After months of delay, the Tesla Model S Plaid has at long last gotten a definitive customer release date. According to a new tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Model S Plaid would hold a delivery event on June 3, 2021, and it would be held at the Fremont Factory in California.

Musk’s declaration was brief, however he featured the upcoming flagship sedan’s performance, which should make it one of the fastest production vehicles at any point made. The field for four-door family cars that are fit for speeding up from 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds is very small, after all.

The Tesla Model S Plaid’s customer deliveries were at first reported for February, however these were deferred as the EV producer was hit with the progressing chip shortage and different challenges. Elon Musk talked about shared a few insights on these delays during the Q1 2021 earnings call.

“With respect to the Model S and X, there were more challenges than expected in developing the Model S or what we call the Palladium program, which is the new version of Model S and X, which has revised interior and new battery pack and new drive units and new internal electronics and has, for example, a PlayStation 5 level infotainment system.

“There’s just a lot of issues encountered… So it took quite a bit of development to ensure that the battery of the new S/X is safe. And we’re trying to get all the — in the cars slowly for the past few months. But we’re just stacking them up in the yard and just making refinements to the cars that we built,” Musk said.

In spite of the delays in the Model S Plaid’s customer deliveries, Tesla’s improvement of the vehicle proceeded. Lately, the Model S Plaid has been seen in the Laguna Seca raceway going through testing. Videos of the flagship car partook in the previous few days have uncovered that the Model S Plaid is now incredibly competent, with unofficial observations from EV lovers estimating that the vehicle had finished a lap around Laguna Seca in under 1:30.