The Art of Flawsomeness: Flaws that Make you Awesome

The Art of Flawsomeness: Flaws that Make you Awesome

Tell yourself honestly how many hours a day you waste just to act like someone you’re not.

Why you just can’t accept yourself with imperfections? Even the epitome of beauty, the moon, has craters on its surface, so maybe ordinary humans should also be accepted with their flaws. Let’s dive deeper into the art of flawsomeness.

Your Flaws Make You Unique

What makes you stand out are your imperfections. Even though everyone seems to want to be perfect, it’s our little quirks and mistakes that make us special. The funny thing is that we tend to run away from this special part of us. We get stuck trying to be like our favorite instagram influences and end up trying to be like everyone else. It’s time to break out of this trap, love our quirks, enjoy our mistakes, and just be ourselves.

Find Joy In Imperfections

Let the Hermoine Granger inside you rest a while, stop expecting everything perfect in you or around you. It’s okay to be different. Dare to be different. Step outside the boundaries of social expectations. Satisfy your soul, not society. Celebrate the unique quirk that makes you who you’re. A true artist never complains about irregular shapes. He just fills them with his brightest colors to make them beautiful. This is how life should sound like.

It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable

Embracing your flaws needs to accept yourself up to any level of criticism and judgment. That requires vulnerability. Vulnerability helps you to connect deeper with your surroundings. Once you open yourself to the world and share your flaws and insecurities, you indirectly create a meaningful space. Thus, creating a sense of authenticity, connectivity, and belonging.

Start Accepting Yourself

The journey to flawsomeness starts with accepting yourself just as you are. The day you recognize and accept that perfection is a mere illusion that isn’t attainable at all. We all are humans, and it’s okay to shine brighter with unique flaws. Flaws are just a testament to our humanity. That unlocks a sense of freedom and self-acceptance, allowing us to live more authentically.

More Mistakes, More Learning

Flawsomeness is not about avoiding mistakes or failures. It’s about turning them into valuable learning opportunities. Mistakes aren’t the symbol of failure, but they shape us. More accurately, mistakes teach us important lessons and help us grow. Treat your mistakes as a stepping stone to your success. Learn from it, and propel yourselves forward. Thus, your every blunder becomes a chance to become stronger and more resilient. Ultimately leading you closer to your true potential.

#Becomingflawesome: The Art of Flawsomeness

Flawsomeness is the fuel that drives wholeness. It’s about accepting your light as well as your shadow. You can learn more about embracing your flawsomeness in the book “Becoming Flawesome” by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani.

From her life experience, the author tells the world to celebrate our uniqueness and find beauty in our unconventionality. It’s worthless to hide our flaws while wholeness comes when we accept ourselves whole-heartily.