The Badge Foundation- A community of like-minded successful individuals

The Badge Foundation- A community of like-minded successful individuals

Connect with Blue Badge Creators across the world.


The advent of the Internet, digital media, and the service sector has changed the face of our world for the better. While many variables contributed to the advancement, it is undeniable that the initial ideas came from a small group of individuals who dared to change and affect the world for the better. 


The Badge Foundation, founded in the Silicon Valley heartland is a community that shares the same vision as those few astute minds and provides excellent service. 


It’s a global membership network that connects blue badge creators and investors from around the world. The platform functions as an exclusive salon for blue-badge confirmed influencers from various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. 


Recently, the value of verified users has risen as they create credibility and authenticity around the acknowledged blue-badge members. This not only attracts other users but also creates a sense of trust in them. A community of these blue-badge holders will add much value to the individual members and their brand image.


Tim Draper anticipates the BADGE price to be 200 USD in the future.


Commenting on the rise of the Badge price, venture capitalist and founder of the Badge Foundation, Tim Draper stated the previous price of BADGE, which rose 10,000 times greater in the present. Statistically, the current value of the Badge is 200 USD, up from the initial value of 0.02 USD.


It is currently around 4 USD (as of March 7th), but the actual price of the Shiba coin was around 0.0000000005 USD when it first surfaced in August 2020, and it was about 0.00004 USD in December 2021, 80,000 times higher.

With Elon Musk’s involvement, there are voices all around the world claiming that BADGE, Tim Draper’s company, has a decent chance.


While many verified blue-badge holders use social networking sites, they do not have a dedicated space where they can connect and interact with other verified accounts.


This reduces their visibility and makes it more difficult to find aspiring creators.

BADGE overcomes all of these challenges by giving a unique platform where influencers, innovators, and investors from all around the world can have their own area and connect freely.


Services that the Badge will provide.


The Cryptonite’s ‘badge’ serves as a mark of recognition in and of itself, bolstering the influencers’ reputation. The influencers will receive a variety of other Cryotonite services for free. Exposure to 5-star sponsors from around the world, including Dubai, Singapore, and the United States, is one of them.


Aside from the privileges provided, users will be awarded for their influencer performance and will be eligible for VIP treatment according to the number of Badge Tokens they have.


As Cryptonite’s parent influencer program, it will also assist the company’s efforts. Cryptonite is a global community of influencers, entrepreneurs, and investors who are leading the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sustainability revolutions. It was also founded in Silicon Valley, a commercial haven that has produced a slew of major corporations, including GAFAM.


The badge is supported by its parent company Cryptonite, where producers can obtain top-notch service for free on a semi-permanent basis in exchange for promoting them on social media.