The Brewers promote Marti Wronski, claiming that she is MLB’s only female COO

The Brewers promote Marti Wronski, claiming that she is MLB’s only female COO

Since Wendy Selig-Prieb was the president and chair of the board in the early 2000s, Marti Wronski has been promoted to the position of chief operating officer for the Brewers. This makes Wronski the franchise’s highest-ranking female executive.

According to Brewers management, Wronski is the only woman currently in the position of chief operating officer for a major league team.

There are two women serving as MLB teams’ presidents of business operations: Catie Griggs plays for the Seattle Mariners, as does Caroline O’Connor for the Miami Marlins. The Marlins became the first major sports franchise in the United States to have a woman as president and general manager when O’Connor was promoted last week. In November 2020, the Marlins appointed Kim Ng as general manager.

Wronski’s 20th season with the Brewers is coming up. She fills the vacancy left by Rick Schlesinger’s promotion to president of business operations in 2018.

“I’m grateful for the tremendous opportunities the Brewers have provided me throughout my career and aim to continue in my efforts to champion aspiring women in the sports industry — and at the Milwaukee Brewers,” Wronski said in a statement released by the organization.

Wronski previously held the position of senior vice president of administration, where she was in charge of the departments of legal, information technology, and human resources.
She will be in charge of the teams for business analytics and strategy in her new position.
Prior to joining the Brewers, Wronski was a faculty member at Marquette’s law school.

Jason Hartlund was also elevated to the position of the executive vice president-chief commercial officer by the Brewers. Marketing to customers will be managed by Hartlund. He was already in charge of special events, concerts, ticket sales, suite sales, and business developments.