The Bulgarian resorts with the best SPA hotels

The Bulgarian resorts with the best SPA hotels

The history of SPA dates back to Ancient Rome. Roman baths appeared throughout the empire and gradually transformed into entertainment and leisure complexes. The healing properties of mineral water are well known, and there are over 800 types of it in Bulgarian resorts. This makes it the most diverse country in the entire world. She is suitable for healthy people who want to relax and for prevention and treatment.

Bulgarian SPA tourism

Bulgarian SPA tourism has grown nearly three times in recent years. There are more than 25 SPA destinations in the country. The best hotels are in Devin, Sandanski, Velingrad and Hisarya. The unique nature and mild climate also play a role in developing this type of tourism in the country. The total bed base in the hotels is more than 9,400 beds. You can stay in tiny guest houses or large and luxurious hotels offering a considerable range of SPA procedures, balneotherapies or healthy relaxation.

Treatments are suitable for both women and men, and the percentage of both sexes using such procedures is almost the same. In every Bulgarian specialized centre, there are suitable specialists – rehabilitators and doctors who can assess and offer the most appropriate method and medical cosmetics, most often natural, depending on the client’s state of health. What do you need to know if you book a holiday in some of the spa hotels in Bulgaria?

Top destinations with the best SPA hotels

Thousands of tourists visit Bulgaria’s top destinations with the best SPA hotels every year. Here’s who they are:

  1. Devin. Of the entire Balkan Peninsula, the city has the most significant mineral springs. The water here has a temperature of 37 to 44 degrees and is slightly mineralized. It is drinkable, odourless and clear. 

Two types of mineral water flow in the resort – Devinska and Bedenska, the latter having a temperature of 76 degrees, with iron, lithium, and radon. It comes through the pipeline from Beden Baths. Compared to Devina mineral water, it is more strongly mineralized. Michalkovska water springs near the river Vacha, near Devin. It has a total content of carbon monoxide. There are only two such springs in Europe. She has a fever of 37 degrees. Luxury hotels are built in Devin, where you can indulge in well-deserved relaxation or take advantage of balneotherapies.

  1. Velingrad. The water springs here are poorly mineralized and rich in minerals and chemical elements. They are the most common in Bulgaria. These are Banya Pazardzhishko, Gorna Banya, Kniazhevo, Hisarya, Bankya, Varshets, and Sofia Center. 

It is not for nothing that Velingrad bears the title “SPA capital of the Balkans”. Here you can stay from guest houses to five-star hotels with staff ready to satisfy your every requirement. By adding the crystal clear, hot and clear mineral waters, we understand why Velingrad is a centre of attraction for thousands of tourists all year round. Three types of mineral water flow in the city: Chepino, Ladzhene and Kamenitsa. Each one flows in a different part of the city, so you need to determine which you want the procedures to be done with and find your way around the hotels in other parts of the city.

  1. Sandanski. Here, the water has low mineralization, a rich chemical composition, no smell and no colour, which makes it suitable for drinking. There are more than 80 springs in the municipality. Today, there are six large mineral springs on the resort’s territory. The Turkish Bath, the Pariloto, and the Miroto Fountain are the more famous ones. The temperature in them is from 42 to 81°C. Thanks to these temperatures, you can bathe outdoors all year round. Many Bulgarian hotels offer this extra.
  2. Sapareva Banya. The water here is the hottest in Bulgaria. It springs with a temperature of 103 degrees and is hyperthermal. It is colourless, with the smell of hydrogen sulfide. The water in this Bulgarian resort has large amounts of iron, calcium and manganese. The only geyser in the Balkans is located here.
  3. Hisarya. The resort has 22 springs with a temperature between 41 and 52 degrees. The mineral water here is colourless, odourless, transparent, with low mineralization, and alkaline. For this reason, if it is drunk, it should not be more than 40 days.

Whichever Bulgarian destination you choose for your vacations or treatment, you will be satisfied with the service and conditions in the Bulgarian resorts. Few countries have such a rich and varied presence of mineral springs. If you want privacy and home comfort, we recommend a small hotel or guest house where you will feel at home. If you prefer space and luxury, inquire about TOP hotel complexes available in every resort. Boiana MG Agency can help you organize your holiday depending on your preferences and health needs.