The Evolution from Salesperson to Renowned Forex Trader: Michael Jenkins’ Success Tale

The Evolution from Salesperson to Renowned Forex Trader: Michael Jenkins’ Success Tale

FreeLife101 Investment Group’s founder, Michael Jenkins, is the embodiment of how determination, a positive outlook, and diligence can lead to success. His story unfolds from his time as a door-to-door salesman selling home security solutions, spanning over a decade, to his rise as a successful Forex trader and mentor. His aspiration to earn an unlimited income without customer spending dependency sparked his interest in Forex trading.

Jenkins revealed in an interview that his entry into Forex was via a multilevel marketing firm that was more invested in expanding its network rather than educating its members. Desiring more comprehensive knowledge of Forex trading, Jenkins engaged a coach. The coach simplified the process and helped develop an all-inclusive program that allowed anyone to quickly learn and profit from the trading skill.

At present, Jenkins’ company, FreeLife101, is renowned for its successful methodology of simplifying Forex trading, making it understandable to anyone, even children. The company guides parents on how to trade in Forex, thus giving them the opportunity to quit their regular jobs and pass this knowledge to their children, promoting generational wealth.

One of the highlights of Jenkins’ career is watching people liberate themselves from jobs they have despised for years and embrace a freer life. As a testament to his success, he has helped over 300 students retire, mentored a 7-figure millionaire student, and received the 2 comma club award from Click Funnels for earning a million dollars from his coaching business.

Jenkins’ life has not been without challenges. Having grown up in a single-parent home, struggled academically, and eventually dropped out of college, he persisted, fostering a mindset of limitless possibilities. He believes in the power of a developed mind, the ability to manifest thoughts into reality, and the importance of passion for one’s business.

Jenkins’ triumphant story serves as motivation for those who aspire for financial liberation and the creation of generational wealth. His ultimate dream is to establish success camps globally, offering free boarding schools for homeless individuals to overcome addiction, reshape their mindset through personal development, get physically fit, and acquire a trade taught by a certified professional, while maintaining sobriety.

Interested parties can learn more about Jenkins and his company by visiting, signing up for his complimentary Forex Fortunes Course, and applying for coaching. Due to high demand, spots are filling up quickly, with the academy operating at approximately 90% capacity. You can also stay updated with Michael Jenkins by following him on Instagram.