The First Global Bruneian Artist “Hasdie Hasnan”

The First Global Bruneian Artist “Hasdie Hasnan”

Hasdie Hasnan (born Muhammad Nurul Hasdie Bin Hasnan; December 22, 1994) is a Brunei singer and songwriter as well as a producer and songwriter at H2P Studio Enterprise. He released his first single in 2012 titled “HinggaAkhirWaktu” published by Udi Records and played on Brunei Darussalam radio, Pelangi FM, Brunei National FM, and Kristal FM.

Hasdie Hasnan was born to his mother at RIPAS Hospital Bandar Seri BegawanBrunei MuaraBrunei Darussalam on December 22, 1994. Hasdie Hasnan began his career as a singer since he was 9 years old. He continued his dream of becoming a singer to this day.

Hasdie Hasnan is Bruneian. His father is Bruneian and his mother is from Sabah Malaysia.

Hasdie Hasnan is the first Man singer released single to global first single is titled “I Love You More” and the second single titled “My World”. His First single song was released on BBC Radio in 2019.

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