The green data algorithm AGDS is coming

The green data algorithm AGDS is coming

In the last month of 2022, the emergence of chat robot model ChatGPT stirred up the AI industry again.

In the process of dialogue with ChatGPT, this AI model not only “knows astronomy and geography”, but also can simulate the way people talk and interact with people. Looking back at the history of AI development, the last time AI robots brought a sensation came from the game between AlphaGo and humans.

AGDS awareness value network is a public chain under the Web3.0 model Layer2 chain, with a new positioning of decentralized storage+BaaS operating system+ecological scene application platform; The original VRF consensus main chain+DAO governance is adopted to expand the maximum number of nodes to 2100 and achieve decentralization to the maximum extent; Overlay PoSt consensus, and support traditional HTTP interface and IPFS file transfer protocol at the same time.

AGDS has designed a new decentralized mining model: VRF super node lossless pledge mining, Ethereum Layer2 verifier node mining, and PoSt space-time proof storage space mining.

The current decentralized applications of the ecological scene application platform include: storage cloud, lifecloud video content distribution platform and player, and privacy data storage management system Lifecloud_ DID0 further explains that the essence of storage cloud is Alibaba Cloud or Amazon Cloud in the field of decentralized storage, which can support enterprise-level and complex DAPP data storage, indexing, retrieval and other comprehensive services.

As the infrastructure of the blockchain Web3.0 world, the AGDS awareness value network completed the consensus, governance and storage solution upgrade in February 2021. Relying on the efficient, safe, low GAS fee and decentralized main chain, it can provide a stable main network, technical support and developer tools for DAPP and more decentralized application developers on the ecological scenario application platform, so that each user/developer can equally enjoy the value gift, Its excellent expressway network can also smoothly carry the running of various rich functions (applications), improve the transmission quality, significantly reduce the bandwidth cost of content transmission network, truly decentralize, and realize the revolutionary subversion of Web2.0.

The popularity of ChatGPT among C-end users has indeed boosted the confidence of the industry. In the context of AIGC’s popularity around the world, perhaps we can expect it to open a new AI door. The green data algorithm AGDS is about to officially come. We sincerely invite you to join us!