The Inspiring Story of King Swada: The boy who once had no direction in life is set on the road to success

The Inspiring Story of King Swada: The boy who once had no direction in life is set on the road to success

You must have heard of countless real-life success stories that led to the main character, finally achieving his goals. These stories are overall a great inspiration to the public masses. We, in this digital age, lack proper role models and ideals to look up to. Quality inspiration rarely comes in to frame in our daily lives. That is when these stories of people who made their way to the top become a beacon of hope for us. Such is the story of King Swada!

King Swada’s story is no fiction that we must clear before we move on. The real name of King Swada was IgeneraNshumbushoSadakati. Born on the 21st of October, 1999, in the lands of Rwanda, East Africa. Currently, 21 years old, this young man is a successful programmer and an entrepreneur in his area. For most youngsters, 21 is the age when they start getting their life together and actually come up with some goals to achieve. Such was not the case with King Swada.

Born into a family that was mostly filled with females, King Swada is an only son and a brother to 5 sisters. Being an only son itself is difficult. The excruciating burdens of responsibility that only increase with time are something that the only male-born of the family faces. Nevertheless, King Swada never disappointed his family and lived up to their hopes.

Just like every other kid, IgeneraNshumbushoSadakati started his primary school, but he dropped out in grade four. Being from a Muslim family, King Swada then began seeking Islamic knowledge from an Islamic school. At the age of 16, he dropped out of the Islamic school, too, and that’s when the darkest days overcame.

Disappointed in himself and clueless to where his life is going, the young 16-year-old King Swada started brainstorming. He wanted to come up with goals first before he moves on to the process of achieving them. It is a dark time that almost every young male goes through at least once in their life. This period of hopelessness and depression, along with family responsibilities and many other matters, all line up on the mind. Thankfully, King Swada overcame this period and came up with the dream of becoming a programmer.

Starting from nothing but a laptop by his side, King Swada began to learn programming all by himself through his laptop. Driven by the instinct to achieve something great, his passion for programming continued to grow. Just by the age of 19, King Swada had managed to come to the level of a professional programmer. Quite an extraordinary achievement for a young teen in Eastern Africa.

Soon after his road to success began, he launched his own company known today as Exceed Rwanda Ltd. The boy who once had no direction in life is set on the road to success due to his hard work and commitment. Now, every time you think of how you have nothing to start from, think of the young African boy who started with just a laptop. That was the inspiring story of King Swada, who paved his way to success all by himself!

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