The law of ten thousand hours of musicians by Mahan Ahmadi, a famous Iranian musician

The law of ten thousand hours of musicians by Mahan Ahmadi, a famous Iranian musician

The 10,000-hour rule is the result of a study conducted in 1990 by a number of psychologists on successful people. The results of the post-publication research were very well received. Countless articles have been written on the definition, praise, and description of the Ten Thousand Hour Law

The idea that excellent execution of a complex task requires a certain and sensitive amount of practice is manifested again and again in expert research. In fact, scientists have come to believe that the magic number for real skill is tens of thousands of hours of work. The picture that emerges from this research is that it takes tens of thousands of hours of practice to reach a level of skill and become a world-class expert in anything. It seems that the brain needs this time to fully understand everything it needs to know how to achieve real skill.

Another interesting thing about ten thousand hours of training is that ten thousand hours is really a lot of time. But it is almost impossible for you to reach this number alone at a young age. You need to have parents who have encouraged and supported you.

In addition to 10,000 hours of practice, what else do you need to succeed?

The concept of ten thousand hours is based on the work of Andres Erickson, who believes that no one can succeed without conscious and deliberate practice. To reach a high level of excellence, you have to work harder than this.

As Erickson explains in his new book, PEAK, the basic premise remains. The only thing that makes you a world-class musician is your practice.

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