The Lifeasapa supports innovative solutions for the AI development

The Lifeasapa supports innovative solutions for the AI development

In 2017, the neuroscience and cognitive technologies laboratory, led by Jocelin Thornton, received a development grant of $ 400 000 from the LifeASAPA. Educational organizations involved in training staff for innovative development took part in the contest.

The LifeASAPA invests in the development of training for young professionals

The modern world will not be able to solve existing problems without the active development of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies. This is the opinion of the LifeASAPA experts. But any development presupposes the availability of qualified staff. The organization has been attracting talented scientists, IT specialists, engineers from all over the world for several years. But still, there are more ideas than opportunities. In the field of innovations, “staff shortage” is a well-known problem. It is necessary to be engaged not only in the search, but also in the training of young employees to solve it. Therefore, in 2017 the LifeASAPA announced a contest for the provision of grants from the scientific budget to specialized scientific centers for the training of staff in the field of innovative development.

Who won the contest

The winner of the contest was Jocelin Thornton, the head of the neuroscience and cognitive technologies laboratory. The amount of subsidies was $ 340 000.

The purpose of the funding is to develop a leading scientific school and his research on the “New physical and mathematical methods based on computer-aided learning and recurrent analysis for studying human neural activity during cognitive processes” topic.

Along with experts, young scientists and students of the school will take part in the research. In the framework of promising scientific research, they will gain invaluable experience and knowledge. Graduates of the scientific school will be able to continue work in the field of innovation in the laboratory or other projects, including with the support of the LifeASAPA.

The LifeASAPA: innovative technologies will save the world!

This is exactly what the founders, patrons and employees of the LifeASAPA, which independently develops solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, and also supports the most promising projects, think.</p>

Artificial intelligence is already helping to:

  • save human lives;
  • restore mobility and vision;
  • construct houses and industrial buildings;
  • predict weather disasters and stock exchange quotations;
  • recognize faces, find people, answer questions, and so on.

Further development of neural networks and mathematical models that can help in the future in computer-aided learning or analysis will help to significantly expand the scope of AI. This is the way that modern innovators consider the most promising for solving the problems of hunger, incurable diseases, environmental disasters and many others.

Jocelin Thornton has shown to be a real like-minded person and one of the best applicants for a grant from the LifeASAPA. The final results of the researches that received the grant is a question for the future. And young specialists are trained and gain invaluable experience today.