The living room of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi oozes “California casual” style, which is the most recent lifestyle trend for 2024

The living room of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi oozes “California casual” style, which is the most recent lifestyle trend for 2024

“California casual” is the most recent interior design trend that has won our hearts. Because of its ability to elegantly and successfully combine comfort and style, this laid-back yet luxurious style has gained popularity.

Think Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, whose stunning former living room hits all the notes for this uber cool trend. The buzzwords for this refined look are “light” and “airy.” It is the epitome of cool. There’s tiny to despise about it, it’s lived in however altered – moderate yet warm.

However, how difficult is it to replicate the California casual style in your home? The response is surprising straightforward: just look to nature.

Ellen and Portia’s home has been influenced by their connection to the natural world. The power couple hired Clement Design to design the interiors of their Trousdale home.

Clement Design got its design ideas from California’s laid-back decorative style. The curvaceous design is beautifully complemented by mid-century modern seating, and the colors taupe, burnt orange, forest green, and sand are inspired by the lush, rugged landscape outside.

Natural materials are used throughout to maintain the scheme’s harmony. They are, similar to all the other things in Ellen and Portia’s home, impeccably pitched and ready.

Surfaces and lovely material pieces are truly at the core of this look. Hand-created beechwood mirrors – roundabout is great – stoneware pots, high quality containers and exceptional seats made by gifted specialists will all make the ideal impact. Think calm and inviting with a color scheme of ochres, off-whites, and dusky tones, like in this room designed by Clements Design. It’s light but solid.

This trend should not appear overly formal or streamlined. The style of California casual is uncomplicated, or rather, it ought to appear that way. According to Lou Graham, the founder of Graham & Green, this style is all about light and subtleties. There are no bold color statements.

“Warm minimalism” is a common description of California casual style. Despite its minimalistic nature, this style never feels cold or uncomfortably modern due to its use of light and texture.

The way you do this is by using light wood and neutral colors for the walls to reflect light around the room. Warmth is also added by including natural textures like woven rattan and beautiful geometric rugs. A trestle table conveys an air of casual elegance, and plants will add subtle pops of color.