The long-expected M1X MacBook Pro will be here by November, journalist claims

The long-expected M1X MacBook Pro will be here by November, journalist claims

The highly expected new MacBook Pro models with Apple-designed silicon will show up by this November, journalist Mark Gurman said in his latest newsletter.

Gurman, who has a strong history of precisely giving an account of new Apple products from sources with direct information on Apple’s plans, composes that “some hiccups have led to production delays” for the new MacBook Pro PCs, which experts and customers have been expecting any day now for most of the year.

Past reports from the inventory line propose that the assembling of new Mini LED presentations might be a bottleneck. In any case, Gurman says that the new PCs “should still go on sale by the time the current MacBook Pro hits its two-year anniversary.” Context proposes he is discussing the second anniversary of the 16-inch model, not the 13-inch one. That model went on sale on November 13, 2019.

This update is relied upon to be a significant one. In particular, it will move the 16-inch MacBook Pro to Apple’s custom-designed silicon with a new, faster cousin to the M1 that hit the 13-inch model and different Macs before the end of last year.

A few reports have called the new chip the M1X, and others have called it the M2. (In his newsletter, Gurman refers to it as the M1X.) For any situation, it is relied upon to have eight high-performance CPU cores and two proficiency CPU cores. It is likewise expected to come in two variations, one with a 16-core GPU and another with 32 GPU cores.

For examination, the M1 has four high-performance CPU cores and four effectiveness CPU cores, and it comes in arrangements with one or the other seven or eight GPU cores.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro was updated with Apple’s M1 last year, however in spite of the chip’s strong performance, Apple regards the M1 as a low-end alternative, with the quicker one portrayed above bound for the 16-inch MacBook Pro—in addition to another 14-inch MacBook Pro to supplant the 13-inch model at the top of the line and potentially another swap for the 27-inch iMac.

Apple commonly reports a few items in the fall. In recent years, the organization has held two events late in the year. One constantly focuses on the iPhone and Apple Watch (and this year, it might incorporate another AirPods refresh too), while the other may touch on Macs or iPads. Typically, the iPhone event is held in mid-September, while the other event is later, in October or November.