The Most Helpful New Features of iOS 17.5 Hinted at in the Beta 1 Release

The Most Helpful New Features of iOS 17.5 Hinted at in the Beta 1 Release

Giving us a sneak peek at the upcoming features that will be added to iPhones later this year, Apple has secretly released the first beta version of its iOS 17.5 upgrade.

Even though the massive Cupertino-based tech company has only just made iOS 17.4 available to the public, it has already started seeding iOS 17.5 beta 1 to its developer community.

Though the early stage release offers us a sneak glimpse at some of the new iOS 17.5 features in the works—including more significant changes to the way apps are downloaded for the iPhone in Europe—the new Apple software is still a while away from being ready for general release.

iOS 17.5 Enables Direct App Installation From Websites

The major new feature of iOS 17.5 expands upon some of the major features of iOS 17.4 by enabling iPhone users in EU nations to install iOS apps straight from developer websites.

Prior to iOS 17.4, Apple was well-known for adopting a “walled garden” strategy for iOS app distribution and security. This essentially meant that only after a rigorous screening procedure were apps permitted to be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

Due to competition restrictions included in the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple’s close-knit ecosystem in Europe was violated. As a result, iOS 17.4 allowed third-party app stores on the platform for the first time.

Apple seems to be taking things a step further with iOS 17.5, allowing iPhone users to download apps straight from developer websites. This could help independent, smaller app developers, as they will be able to host their downloads locally instead of depending on app marketplaces.

The Most Important New Feature in iOS 17.5 is the Anti-Stalking System

Although Apple’s decision to allow direct online app downloads is definitely significant, the most noteworthy new feature of iOS 17.5 in our opinion is the purported release of a global anti-tracking tool.

Recently, Apple said that it was working with Google, another mobile powerhouse, to create an industry standard to prevent stalking.

Code discovered in iOS 17.5 beta 1 by 9to5Mac suggests that this is now prepared to begin pushing out to Apple devices. More precisely, it will be included in a new version of the Find My app that will enable users to identify and disable devices that are not Apple certified for the first time.

This item isn’t certified on the Apple Find My network, according to the string that the astute Apple blog noticed. This item can be disabled so that the owner is not able to see where it is. To accomplish this, adhere to the guidelines the item’s maker provides on their website.

How to Get iOS 17.5 Beta 1 Right Now

Exercising some moderation if you’re to see what the newest iOS 17.5 features have to offer. As previously stated, the software that’s now accessible is only the first beta and isn’t intended for widespread usage.

Rather, iOS 17.5 beta 1 is only meant to be used by developers so that partners and the Apple community may assist in fixing bugs and getting their own products ready to accommodate future iOS capabilities.

Since beta versions are typically problematic at this early level of development, the majority of iPhone owners would likely find them to be entirely unusable.

Here’s how to get iOS 17.5 beta 1 now, though, if you’re an early adopter or Apple developer who understands the very real risk that using the upgrade could delete or even completely break your device.

You must first sign into your Apple developer account. You should generally assume that running iOS software in beta isn’t for you if you don’t already have one or know what one is.

On the other hand, if you believe you meet the requirements, you can visit Apple’s help pages to learn more about creating an account. The annual cost of access is $99 dollars.

Assuming that everyone has registered and is logged in, installing iOS 17.5 should be as simple as downloading a standard software update.

To access beta updates, simply head to Settings > General > Software Updates > Beta Updates. If you’re installing a beta release on your primary device, even if it’s just to check out fast, just be mindful of the risks mentioned above and make sure to backup your data.