The MR. Pirbod is here. A singer who has made a lot of noise these days. The music of his boat has become very popular and has attracted people’s attention. Today we asked him to tell us tips for reading at the peak

Every singer wants to read the above notes better, right? There are many techniques to help you do this, and as we continue reading today’s article, we will give you some helpful tips to help you improve your voice very quickly. I hope these tips can help you.

1- Increase the power of your voice In order to be able to play the top notes better, you need to turn up your volume. A weak voice has difficulty playing high notes or maintaining high notes. You should try to increase your voice power by using voice exercises 4 to 5 times a week for at least 30 to 60 minutes. You can use the training packages provided on this site to improve your voice abilities.

2- When you sing, open your mouth more Most people do not realize that instead of putting too much pressure on the muscles in your throat or jaw, open your mouth more and your voice will be louder and you will create a better flow of sound. This trick is a simple trick that has a very good effect and you take care of the larynx.

3- Keep your chin down Because the top notes are in the upper part of your internal audio instrument, it is often a mistake for the singer to turn his head up when playing the top notes. While our chin or tongue should not go up. If we can keep our chin down while playing the high notes, it will make it stronger and easier to play the high notes.

4- Open your jaw Usually when readers want to play the above notes, they naturally close their jaws, but you should be aware that this can cause you to not be able to hold the note well. If you can keep your jaw open until the word is over (sing on vowels, not consonants), this will make your voice more powerful. The best way to do this is with voice training exercises.

5. Press your tongue down Singers often complain that the high notes they play are too sharp or scratchy. This is because when you play the high notes, your voice usually tends to be sharp and scratchy. One of the different solutions to this problem is that you press your tongue down the mouth. You should first feel as if your tongue is falling down while playing the top notes, and repeat this exercise so that you can use it while reading. You should try to keep your jaw open, hold the tip of your tongue firmly on the inside of your lower lip, and say “straw” without moving your jaw. The tongue then tries to bring itself to the soft palate and then descends to “ah”. You can better control your tongue if you do this exercise. Then when you play the above notes you should try to perform this technique! Do not expect to be able to perform this technique immediately! This method requires a lot of practice, but some people can benefit from this method immediately. Also, do not forget to always keep your body hydrated. Your voice can not function well without enough water, especially when you want to play high notes. Dryness of the voice and body causes your voice to scratch, you lose the high notes, and your voice becomes severely worn out. You should always drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your voice relaxed and healthy!