The new generation of film and television public chain H GOLD opens a new era of film and television world

The new generation of film and television public chain H GOLD opens a new era of film and television world

In the 21st century, films and TV series are already an indispensable part of our lives. According to the MPAA market prediction, the global film and television market will reach to 300 billion and China will become the largest market.

However, the fast-growing film and television industry is accompanied by problems such as capital monopoly, difficulty in financing, inadequate income and the lack of data transparency. Artists are forced to bow their heads to capitalism and have to make commercial-oriented films. As the result, the audience loses their diversity of film and TV choices, which in turn poses a huge obstacle to the development of the industry.

HOLLYGOLD establishment serve the purpose to solve the obstacle mentioned above. Team has multiple professions in Finance and Film & TV industry with over decades experiences. Through HOLLYGOLD high-throughput blockchain, the smart contract itself will configure with the oracle. It can finally break through the bottleneck of payment, taxation, revenue, and fan economy in the industry. HOLLYGOLD represents the true meaning of decentralized, tamper-proof, opened and public, film and television platform.

HOLLY GOLD is a flexible chain which is all ledger system compatible. In order to increase the overall efficiency, HOLLY GOLD also adopted many different blockchain technologies, such as Relays, Hash-Locking Technology, Distributed Private Key Control and many more to ensure the platform and ecosystem itself can be operated under a secure, steady, and transparent condition.

H GOLD enabling user with the revenue mechanisms based on box office and royalty, combined with smart contracts and fan economy and fundraising. It also provides exclusive services such as entertainment interaction, celebrity dinner, and so on. Integrating with social media, live broadcasting, as well as applied business ecology such as movie distribution.

H GOLD provide the public with an opportunity to participate in the development, production, and distribution of a film or even more forms of other entertainment. To fully digitized the H Gold ecosystem, HOLLY GOLD will soon open towards more mainstream cryptocurrencies. HOLLY GOLD is an “open source” and “global” film and television blockchain-based platform! Its mission is to introduce the premium film and TV content to the world.